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Bug#330899: AW: Bug#330899: GRUB doesn't apear

On Tue, Oct 04, 2005 at 09:01:57PM +0200, Stefan.Zauner@gmx.de wrote:
> I tried the steps below, but it didn't really work.
> First ist not possible to use the installation-CD as rescue system, because
> the only point the steps can be performed is just before the installer
> itself wants to install GRUB. At any other point before there is no
> "/target".
> But anyway though I tried to completely reinstall the system my tries
> failed. I can install GRUB on my SATA drive but it is not able to start any
> operating system, neither windows nor Linux.
> It displays some lines and stops. When trying to load Windows it shows some
> lines with "chainloader+" as the last and then stops. Linux-loading stops
> with an errormessage.

If you see chainloader and such, I would say that grub is in fact
installed, and loads, but something is making it crash while trying to
boot the os.

What is the error messages you get trying to boot windows and linux?

Len Sorensen

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