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Re: Install debian on sunblade 150

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On Oct 3, 2005, at 6:29 AM, Nishant Sharma wrote:

- What did you change in the image(s) you created? Which problem (s) did
  that solve? Which kernel are you using?

I didn't make any changes to the image. I googled a lot and tried
whatever image I got my hands on. The one that I gave to Rick was from
Debian Stable/rc3. It's with kernel 2.6.8-2. And I have recompiled it
for the sound card module for ALi. I tried 2.6.12 also, but it gives
problems with display and framebuffer as Rick reported. I even tried
compiling 2.6.12 with the .config of 2.6.8, but it didn't help :-(

As I told you I have problem with the module ide-cd as well, I saw on google other people have the same problem. I'm trying to recompile a vanilla kernel ( to see if the FB runs better and if cd-rom support statically compiled works as well, I will let you know.

- Would you be willing to do tests with the daily built images and help us
  resolve some of the issues with sunblade machines?

I'm more than willing to do but the machine that I have is at my
workplace and it would be a little hard to reinstall repeatedly.

I'm looking for another sunblade at my workplace I can use to do those tests, I hope to be helpful.

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