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Re: Install debian on sunblade 150

Hi Frans,

> These are old, obsoleted images and should not be used anymore.
> Use either the official Sarge images or the daily built images.

> Nishant:
> - What did you change in the image(s) you created? Which problem(s) did
>   that solve? Which kernel are you using?
I didn't make any changes to the image. I googled a lot and tried
whatever image I got my hands on. The one that I gave to Rick was from
Debian Stable/rc3. It's with kernel 2.6.8-2. And I have recompiled it
for the sound card module for ALi. I tried 2.6.12 also, but it gives
problems with display and framebuffer as Rick reported. I even tried
compiling 2.6.12 with the .config of 2.6.8, but it didn't help :-(

> - Would you be willing to do tests with the daily built images and help us
>   resolve some of the issues with sunblade machines?
I'm more than willing to do but the machine that I have is at my
workplace and it would be a little hard to reinstall repeatedly.

How about some patent on "(a+b)2 = a2+2ab+b2". Choose free software!

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