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Re: installation fails with taskel 2.31

On 9/26/05, Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl> wrote:
On Monday 26 September 2005 10:41, nidr wrote:
> > ftp://ftp.no.debian.org/pub/linux/debian-iso/3.1_r0a/i386/iso-cd/

> Now I also downloaded the same iso using the official torrent file.
> Still there is no laptop-detect package in pool/main/l/

If you are using this image, there is now way it can depend on
laptop-detect during the installation.
That CD should have this [1] version of tasksel on it and, as you can see,
that does not depend on laptop-detect. laptop-detect is not available in

My conclusion is that you must be doing something strange to get a more
recent version of tasksel that depends on laptop-detect.


[1] http://packages.debian.org/stable/base/tasksel


Yes I know the latest Sarge release do come with tasksel 2.24. But what I've been trying do accomplish is to update the tasksel package to the latest testing package 2.31.

And when I add the tasksel 2.31 package into my modified iso I also need to add the laptop-detect package, since the newest version of tasksel depends on laptop-detect.

Am failing when I try to add the laptop-detect package to my modified sarge iso.
I've updated the Packages.gz file with the correct information where the .deb for laptop-detect is located, but still the installer won't install laptop-detect. Even if tasksel 2.31 request it.

So what I need to know is how to make laptop-detect get installed under the installation so the installation of Tasksel 2.31 won't fail :)

Thank you for your answer!

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