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[D-I] [ANNOUNCE] Rewritten and reorganized D-I i18n documentation

During my (long) holidays, I have again worked on D-I i18n
documentation. This documentation, written last year just before we
implemented the "master file" system, got no deep review since them and
thus needed some attention.

First of all, I completely converted it to Docbook XML, with the exact
same framework and organization than the Installation Manual
framework. We could even some day imagine getting it translated,
though this obviously would be of low interest, given that translators
are supposed to be comfortable with English..:-)

I roughly did the following:

Doc organization:
-reorganize the doc in smaller files
-make it able to generate TXT, HTML and PDF formats, allowing an
 easier publication on the official Debian main site

Doc contents:
-simplify the parts giving details about each package, how to get
 files and how to commit/report them (this part was full of redundant
-clearly separate sections intended for maintainers, for translators
 and those kept for reference
-add more details for package maintainers
-review the technical parts about l10n scripts and adapt it to the
 last changes in the scripts
-add (to be filled) sections about Installation manual i18n,
 spellchecking framework and status pages framework
-add appendixes for basics about bug reporting, deal with SVN, gettext
 tools and all such other stuff useful for translators but not
 directly related to D-I translation
-full new section about what is now called the "New Language Process"
 with a quite detailed explanation of the process for including a new
 language to D-I supported languages

Doc quality:
-I tried to use less bad English..:-)
-Complete spellchecking
-Better use of XML entities for repetitive stuff
-Slightly better use of Docbook stuff (unfortunately, I didn't have
 the docbook-doc package installed so this was barely trial/error)

The new documentation has been commited in installer/doc/i18n. This
probably breaks links pointing to the old monolithic version, until we
find a way to automatically generate the i18n documentation in PDF,
TXT and HTML formats and include this in the D-I web pages.

Everyone is welcome to review the new documentation and also READ
IT. There are lots of supposedly useful information in it so I think
that even old-timer translators can learn stuff here and there...and
of course correct all my mistakes, errors, frenglish, etc.

Until we find a better place, a temporary version is held at
http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/d-i/i18n-doc/ (HTML)
http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/d-i/i18n-doc/i18n.en.pdf (PDF)
http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/d-i/i18n-doc/i18n.en.txt (TXT)

Please correct the typos, spelling errors and all such stuff directly
in the SVN. If they are obvious, save my time and don't report them to
me. The documentation is not bubulle's work: it is a collective work.

Empty parts can be filled in by the relevant people (see below). Good
luck, fellows..:-)

The current TODO list:

-Davide: write about spellchecking
-Frans: write about manual translation
-Kostas: write about localization-config
-Seppy: write technical details about status pages
-Bubulle and Frans: set up the needed things to get the HTML version 
 automagically published on Debian main web site, in the D-I pages, 
 just like the installation manual


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