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Bug#320807: Package: installation-reports

On Monday 01 August 2005 02:43 pm, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Monday 01 August 2005 17:48, Gene Schafhauser wrote:
> > 1) My only Internet access is via dialup.  I wanted to do a net
> > install, but could not connect directly to the Internet with this
> > computer.  I had to network to a second computer and use that as a
> > gateway.
> Did you try installing in expert mode and loading the optional
> ppp-modules? That should give you the option to set up a modem.
> Thank you for your installation report and your comments. I'm leaving the
> report open because of the dial-up issue. Could you try that?
> Cheers,


I am booting using expert26, loading ppp and serial modules (BTW, I did use 
these same parameters initially). The only network setup option that is 
offered is for ethernet.  I don't see any setup for a modem.  I experimented 
on two different laptops and a desktop, all with the same results.  The 
laptops have Winmodems, so I am using a PCMCIA modem with Card Services 
enabled.  The desktop has an external modem on /dev/ttyS1.



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