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Re: proposal for apt setup in first stage

Helmut Wollmersdorfer wrote:
> Looking into the templates of choose-mirror I cannot say exactly, what 
> the problem is/was. One was, that I did not understand how the 
> selections or the manually entered mirror form the line in well known 
> sources.list syntax. I remember boring trial and error at this point.

 Please enter the directory in which the mirror of the Debian archive is
I'm not sure how this can be made more clear. Perhaps it should note
that the directory is almost always "/debian/" but then that is the
default right there in the text edit field.

> Now I tried apt-setup - the current Sarge version.
> 1) 'edit sources list by hand'
> This presents 'vi', which means, that a user has to know, how to turn on 
> edit mode and how to quit or save. As vi is not self-explaining, vi 
> should never be the default editor or the default user interface.

If you don't like vi configure it to not be your default editor or don't
install it. nano is the default editor, FWIW.

see shy jo

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