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Re: SATA install - AMD64 - success story

Jörg Ebeling wrote:

Hi Joe,

don't wanna bother you, BUT:

I've really no idea where people get all their SATA issues from, it's not had issues for me since Woody 3.0r2 was current.

SATA is NOT running very well !
I'm running this AMD64 Debian since about 6 (or more) months on different AMD64 MoBos and I'm really no newbe. I've some non-working SATA (devices) too, but it doesn't matter me really. However whenever I see a new version, module, trick, tip or whatever I check it if it's working now. In my point of view (and this isn't based on much know how in this issue), all my SATA problems are coming whenever there's "NForce 3" stuff on the Board.

However, what I wanna say is:
If I'm not able to wait 6 more months I'll buy me a new MoBo, but others don't like to go that way of problem solution.
They really have problems with SATA, they really miss their devices !


This office system has been running AMD64 Debian since March, running all the while from a Silicon Image SATA controller (0000:02:0d.0 Unknown mass storage controller: Silicon Image, Inc. SiI 3512 [SATALink/SATARaid] Serial ATA Controller (rev 01)) on a Gigabyte nForce3 board - I had an identical system beforehand for a few more months. My home system has been running AMD64 Debian since I got it a few months ago, which uses a Via K8T890's onboard SATA support.

I really haven't had SATA difficulties since I tried a 2.6.0-test3 kernel with a Promise 20376 controller. I'm not trying to be contrary, I simply haven't ever experienced issues that people report with similar hardware, which confuses me greatly.

--Jo Shields

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