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Re: SATA install - AMD64 - success story

Sorry, I've seen a lot of stuff on the list lately which makes me say "What?". Installed to a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7, via a Via VT6420 southbridge's SATA connection, absolutely flawlessly, with the Debian AMD64 Sarge images.

Ditto a Dell EM64T server with some messy ICH5/6 setup.

I've really no idea where people get all their SATA issues from, it's not had issues for me since Woody 3.0r2 was current.

--Jo Shields

Jeff Breidenbach wrote:

Success report.

Hitachi 7k500 SATA hard drive Intel Pentium D 820 CPU ASUS P5WD2 Premium Edition motherboard
I found that Ubuntu can install to the SATA drive but Debian Sarge
cannot. I've used all sorts of remastered installers, including a
2.6.11 AMD64 version.  The problem was not detecting the disk, and was
eventually solved by manually finding and doing an insmod on the
ata_piix module (on the 2.6.11 remastered installer).  Hope this is


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