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Re: Future of ISC DHCP v2 packages in etch

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> ipconfig in klibc has worked well for me so far; I believe it's based on the
> old ip autoconfig code in the kernel, which was in broad use in 2.4.  Unlike
> the ISC implementation, it's designed for applications like initramfs, so
> small size and simplicity are design goals.  Overall, I think it would meet
> d-i's needs very nicely, and allow us to retire dhcp v2.
> 12K /usr/lib/klibc/bin/ipconfig
> 20K /usr/lib/klibc/lib/klibc-LIjBcAfSWEXmu4nLVDT8vlvEVo0.so
> Compare with:
> 112K dhcp/sbin/dhclient
> 416K dhcp3/sbin/dhclient
> It basically configures the interface, and writes out any other data
> communicated by the DHCP server to a sh-syntax file (which can be read or
> ignored).

Well it looks like it's being packaged (#312563).

see shy jo

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