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Re: Future of ISC DHCP v2 packages in etch

On Tue, Jun 14, 2005 at 01:10:31PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:

> udhcp and pump have proven to be broken in the past. I tried again to
> fit the dhcp3 udeb onto our floppy, but that image, which has 93k free
> with the dhcp2 udeb, gets over-full with the dhcp3 one. That 100k
> (compressed; 300k uncompressed!) size difference is pretty amazing.

ipconfig in klibc has worked well for me so far; I believe it's based on the
old ip autoconfig code in the kernel, which was in broad use in 2.4.  Unlike
the ISC implementation, it's designed for applications like initramfs, so
small size and simplicity are design goals.  Overall, I think it would meet
d-i's needs very nicely, and allow us to retire dhcp v2.

12K /usr/lib/klibc/bin/ipconfig
20K /usr/lib/klibc/lib/klibc-LIjBcAfSWEXmu4nLVDT8vlvEVo0.so

Compare with:

112K dhcp/sbin/dhclient
416K dhcp3/sbin/dhclient

It basically configures the interface, and writes out any other data
communicated by the DHCP server to a sh-syntax file (which can be read or

> BTW, d-i currently contains a forked version of
> /etc/dhcp3/dhclient-script (and/or /etc/dhclient-script). The changes are:
> * Runs under /bin/sh; does not need bash.
> * Runs set -e, probaly so we can detect when it fails.
> * Some XSI-isms fixed, although I don't know that that really matters
>   for d-i.
> * Doesn't depend on the hostname command, since d-i lacks one.
> * Ripped out some stuff that is not appropriate for d-i, or to save
>   space, including support for setting multiple nameservers and keeping old
>   nameservers, all the hook code
> * Uses ip command, not ifconfig. We've been planning to drop ifconfig
>   from d-i, though it's not happened yet.
> * Some other changes that I don't understand very well, like it uses a
>   ptom command instead of netmask.

These are non-issues for ipconfig, which only depends on klibc.  I would
like to see /bin/sh, set -e and ifconfig->ip merged into dhcp3's
dhclient-script though.

> * A very nasty hack to omminicate the dhcp hostname on to netcfg.

ipconfig already does something quite similar by default.

 - mdz

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