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Re: localechooser - Comments and proposals

Quoting Frans Pop (aragorn@tiscali.nl):
> I tried localechooser yesterday and below are some comments/proposals I 
> would like to implement during debconf. I am posting them now so we can 
> reach consensus on what (not) to implement beforehand.
> If there are other suggestions, I'd also like to hear them.

I think that merely all of your suggestions were on my mental TODO

IMHO, the priority should be the broken Go Back support mentioned by

> - "C" option should be at the top of the language list and not sorted.

Yep. This was my intent when I built localechosser first, but other
problems distracted mefrom doing so..:)

> - After "C" option, country selection should still be possible to help
>   with keyboard, mirror and timezone configuration.

Maybe with a lower priority, though.

> - Country selection should be split into two questions:
>   area (continent) and country (#275577).
>   The current list is too long to be usable with the text interface
>   (s390, speakup floppies). As most country selection is either default
>   or from a shortlist, only a few users will actually see the extra
>   question.

I'm not really fond of that thing, but indeed mostly because at the
time I worked on localechooser, I basically didn't know how to
implement this..:-)

> - Review the way "@euro" support is currently implemented.

Sure. This is actually a hack we had in countrychooser to not break
locales using @euro most of the time.

> - "Extra" locale selection should not allow to deselect the default locale
>   that was selected in the previous dialog.
>   Maybe this dialog should only be shown at priority "low" and not at
>   priority "medium"?

I never tested that thing (added by Colin, IIRC) so I have no adivce here.

> - Enable localechooser for s390 (with C locale default, but country
>   selection enabled).

 IMHO we now can enable it for everything as there is now a system to
avoid showing "broken" caracters.

The language screen could at least show "C" along with "English" (or
any other language which can use only ASCII characters...there is none
at this time).

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