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Re: localechooser - Comments and proposals

Frans Pop wrote:
> - "C" option should be at the top of the language list and not sorted.
> - After "C" option, country selection should still be possible to help
>   with keyboard, mirror and timezone configuration.


> - Country selection should be split into two questions:
>   area (continent) and country (#275577).
>   The current list is too long to be usable with the text interface
>   (s390, speakup floppies). As most country selection is either default
>   or from a shortlist, only a few users will actually see the extra
>   question.

No strong feelings, you're right that few users see it.

> - Go back from country dialog should return to language dialog, not
>   the main menu.

The whole thing has broken go back handling.

> - "Extra" locale selection should not allow to deselect the default locale
>   that was selected in the previous dialog.
>   Maybe this dialog should only be shown at priority "low" and not at
>   priority "medium"?

It feels like a low priority thing to me.

> - Enable localechooser for s390 (with C locale default, but country
>   selection enabled).

Agreed, although with the nofb lists, maybe we could leave language
selection too?

see shy jo

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