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Problems installing Debian on a SATA drive

Hello there,

This is the first time I try Debian. 
I just bought a new computer, and I wanted to try
Debian (a friend recommended it).
I downloaded the images and burned them on cd's. 
I booted from the 1st cd and when prompted with 
I pressed return
and then It said that it couldn't detect any (hard
disk) drives...
I rebooted and entered the bios setup and found out
that my hard disk is on SATA, (which I never heard of
before) ...
I suppose this needs a special driver to be loaded at
BTW I never loaded a driver at the boot prompt, so
please be explicit explaining this point.

Thank you very much, I can't tell you your OS is very
good yet ... I still have to install it a use it:P


                                          CHARBEL GEREIGE

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