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[D-I] Test out the new Debian Installer with localechooser

(looks like this is the day of important announcements..:-))

Joey Hess activated, last night, the replacement of languagechooser
and countrychooser packages in Debian Installer daily builds.

They are now replaced by the localechooser package I wrote by merging
both packages together. This package has been later enhanced by Frans
Pop (cleaning out my messy shell script writing) and Colin Watson (for
Ubuntu purposes).

I don't know when daily builds with it will be available (maybe they
are already)...but if they're not, it should happen soon.

The main features are:

-better integration of language and country choices. Now allows to
come back at the language selection step and change it without
breaking the rest of D-I

-locale selection screen: at medium priority, the users are prompted
about their preferred locale, after choosing language and country. For
instance, this allows French users to switch from the default fr_FR to
fr_FR.UTF-8 and enter the modern world

-early support for multiple locale selection : I'm not sure this is
already implemented..:-). This should make multi-language
installations possible at some time

-easier preseeding: the language/country/locale settings can be easily
preseeded by using "preseed/locale". Example:
preseed/locale=fr_FR.UTF-8 will skip all language/country/locale
screens, preseed/locale=fr will skip the language screen and so on...
No more ugly preseeding of language/country.

-better output on non framebuffer environments: languages which cannot
be displayed when the framebuffer is not working (disabled, serial
installs...) will not appear on the language selection screen

-a C locale is available which skips all localization thingies
forpeople who don't want localized servers (bleh)

The main bugs are:

-a lot of nasty, unknown bugs as usual with new stuff

-a messy shell script writing called "bubulle inimitable style" (will
be polished by Frans during Debconf)

New languages (prospective) have not been added yet. Remind that we
said we would add them in July, not earlier.


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