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Please get involved in tasksel for -i18n tasks

During Debian installations, the tasksel package is responsible for
installing "tasks", in short some default sets of packages such as
"Desktop environment" and so on.

Many of you currently know tasksel because of the translations you
made for it while working on D-I level 2.

However, there is another -i18n related thing in tasksel : it includes
a set of so-called "l10n" and "l10n-desktop" tasks.

These tasks are selected by default when a localised system is
installed : for instance the "french" task is installed when the
installation language is French, and the "french-desktop" task is
installed when the "desktop" task is selected and the install language
is French.

The *contents* of these tasks cannot usually be guessed easily and
only users of the relevant languages can tell whet is needed in each
(usually special fonts, input methods for graphical environments...)

The tasksel maintenance team CANNOT maintain these tasks alone. So, I
consider the duty of translators to keep an eye on them, test them and
help improving them.  Any change (or task addition for languages which
don't have one yet) should be reported as a bug against the tasksel
package because it needs discussions with the maintainers and
interaction with the ftpmasters.

All D-I translators have access to the tasksel SVN, so it is easy for
you to check it out:

svn co svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/tasksel/trunk tasksel


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