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Re: [D-I] Test out the new Debian Installer with localechooser

Christian Perrier wrote:
> -easier preseeding: the language/country/locale settings can be easily
> preseeded by using "preseed/locale". Example:
> preseed/locale=fr_FR.UTF-8 will skip all language/country/locale
> screens, preseed/locale=fr will skip the language screen and so on...
> No more ugly preseeding of language/country.

I've been meaning to ask you, is there some reason why you recommend
using preseed/locale for preseeding, but the README says lowmem should
preseed languagechooser/language-name and debian-installer/locale? I
don't understand why you need a separate variable for preseeding or why
lowmem shouldn't use the same preseeding as anything else.

Does this look like it might work to allow debian-installer/locale to be
used for preseeding?

Index: localechooser
--- localechooser	(revision 28265)
+++ localechooser	(working copy)
@@ -138,11 +138,8 @@
   db_set debconf/language C
-# First of all, analyse preseed/locale and
-# populate debconf with it
-# This must happen only once, at first run
-# We empty the variable when done
-db_get preseed/locale
+# Support preseeding of the locale all in one variable for convenience.
+db_get $localecode
 if test "$RET" ; then
   log "Locale has been preseeded to $LOCALE"
@@ -183,10 +180,6 @@
-  # Reset preseed/locale as it should be only used at first run
-  # If the user comes back to localechooser, this is probably
-  # because (s)he wants to reconfigure locale stuff
-  db_set preseed/locale ""
 db_get debian-installer/framebuffer || true

I removed the block at the end instead of unsetting $localecode's seen
flag because nothing else in d-i worrys about letting the user manually
go back and override values they preseeded and I don't see why
languagechooser should be different.

I'm also tempted to rip out all the seen flag setting that the code
does, except for the bits that set it to true in the preseed block. d-i
code should not need to set seen flags to false to deal with questions
being re-asked.

see shy jo

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