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Re: adaptec 2610sa raid support in debian-installer (aacraid)

On Wednesday 08 June 2005 18:47, Simon wrote:
> I'm hoping to install sarge on an HP box with one adaptec 2610sa raid
> controller, but the latest debian-installer's aacraid module doesn't
> recognize the 2610sa. The 2410sa, 2810sa and 21610sa are mentioned as
> being supported on adaptec's site (and linit.c suggests same - see
> below).

I would guess this question has a better chance of being properly answered 
on the debian-kernel mail list.

I see two possible reasons:
- the licence of the module does not allow Debian to distribute it;
- the driver is not included in the official kernel source tree that
  Debian bases its kernels on.

However I have not checked any of this.


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