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Bug#312556: debian-installer partition bugs

Package: debian-installer
Severity: grave

This concerns a bug in the partition portion of the debian-installer
for Debian GNU/Linux 3.1r0. At the bottom of this report are also two
feature requests.

1) I start with a single 80 GB hard disk.
2) Clear the partition table.
3) Create a couple 20 GB partitions marked as RAID volumes.
4) Run "Configure software RAID" to tie the partitions into a RAID
device (I happened to pick RAID 0 but I don't think it matters).
5) Now select the master hda hard disk and hit return to clear out
the partition table.
6) The RAID0 device still exists, even though its underlying
partitions are gone.
7) In particular, one can now partition hda in a usual non-raid way
(just swap and a large root partition), yet the installer thinks md0
exists, and continuing the installation leads to a sequence of error
messages. (Whether there will be data loss, I don't know. It seems if
something tries to write to md0, it will end up writing into some
random area of the now-root partition on hda, and this will lead to
random data loss.)
8) Attempting to delete the md0 device isn't so easy. First off, it
isn't clear that one needs to use "Configure software RAID" to get
rid of it. But trying "Configure software RAID" leads to an error
message that the partition table has changed and one should reboot
before continuing.

Thank you.
Alexander Perlis

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