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eth0 and eth1 shifting place

Hi there.

I have a computer with an AMD Athlon XP 2000+, 256mb ram, Nvidia GeForce2 and two ethernet adapters. One D-link DC21041 Tulip (PCI) and one onboard (Chaintech motherboard) ethernet adapter called Via Rhine II (6103).

During the installation (netinst) Debian finds both of the cards and gives the D-link the name eth0 and Via Rhine II (onboard) eth1 and it gets DHCP-information without any problems.

After the basic installation is done and the system is rebooting and starts up again to finish the installation the both ethernet adapters have turned names. The D-link is now eth1 and the Via Rhine II is now eth0 which results in no network-connection for the ftp-installation.

I tried to choose eth0 (D-link) at the basic installation and then reboot and change the cable to the Via Rhine II which gets the name eth0 after installation. The problem is that the Via Rhine II has serious problems connecting to the internet after the installation and can hardly connect to the debian-FTP. Both the D-link and the Via Rhine II is working properly in WinXP, Solaris 10 x86 and also in Debian Woody so there's no hardware problems with the adapters.

You guys got any ideas about this? And maybe any tips to solve the issue?

Daniel McKinnon Forsell

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