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Bug#312558: debian-installer partition legend

Package: debian-installer
Severity: wishlist

Here are two feature requests for the partition portion of the
debian-installer in Debian GNU/Linux 3.1r0.

1) In creating a partition, if one simply puts in a number, e.g.,
"20", it will create a "20 MB" partition, not "20 GB". With today's
hard drive sizes, defaulting to GB would make more sense. In fact, to
clarify what will happen, the Hint on that screen could be rewritten
to avoid confusion, e.g.:

  The maximum size you can use is 82.3 GB.

  Specify the desired size using these examples as guides:
    "20.5 GB" (other available suffixes: MB, KB)
    "20.5"    (same as "20.5 GB")
    "30%"     (use 30% of the maximum size)
    "max"     (same as "100%")

  New partition size:

  82.3 GB_________________________________________________

2) Back on the main partition screen, it is unclear what the various
little icons mean. Among other things, I've seen a solid smily face,
a hollow smily face, a lightning bolt... Can a Legend be added to
that screen?

Thank you.
Alexander Perlis

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