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d-i release manager needed

Christian Perrier wrote:
> That's the point. At this very moment, I just can't. Getting in d-i
> internals is a long path and there are currently quite a few people
> who indeed can manage a D-I release.
> Indeed, that count currently can be summarized to a very precise
> number : 1, namely Joey.

Thanks for identifying this problem. My suggestion for fixing it is as
follows: I don't make the second to next d-i release. I will be
available for any questions, will keep on developing d-i (of course),
but will not actually do any management of the release. Second to next
release and not next so we don't slow things down with any new etch
issues, and so someone can watch over my shoulder for the next release.
After that release we will hopefully have two people who can fill this

Any volenteers to manage etch d-i beta2 (or whatever you choose to
call it)?

see shy jo

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