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Re: Bug in cdrom-checker

Quoting Eddy Petrisor (eddy.petrisor@gmail.com):

> > Dammit, Eddy, instead of writing that things suck, just join the team
> > and come helping to build packages for sarge point releases.
> Much anger in I feel, young Skywalker :P
> Just tell me what should be done and I'll try.

That's the point. At this very moment, I just can't. Getting in d-i
internals is a long path and there are currently quite a few people
who indeed can manage a D-I release.

Indeed, that count currently can be summarized to a very precise
number : 1, namely Joey.

We are currently hitting the weakest point of D-I. Despite all the
good design choices, we basically highly depend on very few people to
do a release.

In the last months, the D-I team shrinked a lot and my currentl
feeling is that we first need to boost things again and get more
people (re)investing their time in the installer.

Several key parts of D-I are currently left unmaintained since the
re-opening of developmenton May 1st. I may of course be wrong and,
indeed, all the good people who participated in D-I development in the
last 3 years will come back and resume development. But, at this
point, I still need to be convinced it will happen.

The only way you can get more involved and be able to help is just
jump in, try to find an area in D-I which fits your skills, time and
areas of interest. No-one will never just say "OK, Eddy, go and work
on *this*".....

Hard way, I know..:-)

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