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Re: Bug in cdrom-checker

Quoting Eddy Petrisor (eddy.petrisor@gmail.com):

> that sucks, sarge is frozen for quite a while...

Dammit, Eddy, instead of writing that things suck, just join the team
and come helping to build packages for sarge point releases.

FWIW, all variable substitution problems are now corrected in sarge PO
files as well, since these ones are now updated from trunk PO files.

Correcting sarge installer now just needs to rebuild all affected
packages, upload them and get them into sarge so that they're ready
for the next sarge point release.

FYI, there is currently NO policy yet for sarge d-i point releases, ie
the releases of d-i which will come after sarge release. Everything
has to be built from scratch, more or less....you're welcome to

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