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Re: GTK fe, updated buglist and wishlist

On 5/22/05, Attilio Fiandrotti <fiandro@tiscalinet.it> wrote:
> Hi
> this is a good idea since would help tracking the bugfixes: this can be
> done logging svn changes too, but maybe having a single file containing
> an always up-to-date listo of TODOs would be useful.
> should i add a TODO file in the gtk directory or what else?
> Is there any formatting style you would recomend me to write in?

There is a nice application devtodo already packaged for debian.
The downside is that it uses a file called .todo that uses xml, instead if TODO
The advantage is that it can diplay priorities by using colours.

> Since actually i've placed the testcase (35 mb) on a ftp site external
> to debian.org could i upload it on svn? if yes where?

ask joeyh, but probably that would make sense.


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