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Re: A test case for the gtk frontend

On Saturday 30 April 2005 00:01, attilio wrote:
> you can download the test case i actually use to develop the gtk fe;
> here i'll try to explain how to use it.
> Shortly, you must launch the debian-installer and then add "on the
> fly" some files to the ramdisk filesystem to be able to continue the
> installation with the gtk fe.

I've been playing around with this a bit (booted d-i with the 2.6 kernel).

The first challenge was to get my USB mouse working.
I managed this by insmodding the evdev and psmouse modules. These are not 
yet available as an udeb, so I suggest adding an "input-mouse" udeb for 
kernel-wedge, at least for i386.

The second thing I noticed is that if I execute dfb-test twice, my laptop 
freezes completely after I click the "hello world" button.

The graphical d-i interface started without problems. Great job!

Some things to watch out for:
- the installer really must be on the main menu on VT1;
- the screen is not restored when you switch back to the graphical
  installer after switching to another (text) terminal.

Unfortunately for some reason I wasn't able to get past hardware 

There are a lot of things that need to be polished, but that is only to be 
expected at this stage and it's very nice to be able to play around with 


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