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Re: Help on development of a gtk frontend for the debian-installer

On Thu, Mar 31, 2005 at 09:05:14PM +0000, attilio wrote:
> i'm a computer science student at the polithecnic of turin and i'm 
> working an the gtk frontend for the debian installer for my thesis.
> I'm now working on the gtk.c available via svn and managed to make the 
> back/forward mechanism work by maipulating the question list before the 
> gtk_go() returns (actually, if the question lists is truncated after the 
> first question before returning frm gtk_go everything seems to work fine 
> for some further steps).

This is strange; the back/forward mechanism works fine for me running
src/test/backup.config on Subversion HEAD of cdebconf (will be 0.75 when
released). Could you elaborate on what problems you were having with it

If you're using an old version, you may be running into a number of
crash bugs I've already fixed. For instance, some of your problems sound
like they're pre-0.72.

> however the frontend works correctly only occasionally and i need some 
> information about the frontend interface and especially about what to do 
> with the question list passed to gtk_go.
> Shall i let it as it is before returning  from gtk_go (but this way 
> cdebconf crashes!), shall i truncate the list after the first element ( 
> by setting q->next=NULL before returning ) or what else?

I think it might be clearer if you could provide a test script that
demonstrates the failure.


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@debian.org]

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