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Bug#306476: Package: installation-reports

On Tuesday 26 April 2005 22:26, Heiko Andresen wrote:
> Machine: Sun Blade 100
> Processor: Ultra Sparc IIe
> Memory: 256 MB
> After bootin the CD, Debian installaer asked me for "Choosing
> language", then I chose country and keyboard layout and then was trying
> to detect CD-ROM. These are the error messages:
> "Linux kernel modules needed to drive some of your hardware are not
> available yet. Simply proceeding with the install may make these
> modules available later.
> The unavailable modules, and the devices that need them are: ohci1394
> (Sun Microsystems Computer Corp. RIO 1394), usb storage (USB storage),
> floppy (Linux Floppy), ide-core (Linux IDE support), ide-mod (Linux IDE
> driver), ide-probe-mod (Linux IDE probe driver), ide-detect (Linux IDE
> detection), ide-generic (Linux IDE support), ide-floppy (LINUX IDE
> floppy)"

These are not errors, but normal informational messages if you install 
using "expert".

> Your installation CD-ROM couldn´t be mounted. This probably means that
> the CD-ROM was not in the drive. ...

This is a know issue for SunBlades.
You can either try netbooting the installer version that has a 2.6 kernel 
[1] or use an unofficial CD [2] that has an experimental 2.4 kernel where 
this issue is fixed.



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