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duplicates in sources.list

I had to interrupt the installer while it was downloading packages and
shut down the machine about 80% of the way through a 5-hour download.
When I started the machine again it began downloading everything again
from the beginning. Since apt-get itself is generally capable of using
stuff that was downloaded earlier, I assumed the installer was doing
something silly like deleting the cache, but ...

I just noticed that when I do "apt-get update" it downloads the same
Packages file, etc, several times, and this is apparently because I
have ended up with several duplicate lines in /etc/apt/sources.list.

I don't know whether the installer's inability to continue a previous
download is caused by the duplicates in sources.list, but in any case
either apt-get should handle duplicates in sources.list more
intelligently, or the installer should avoid putting duplicates there,
and something should be done to make the installer able to continue
the download after an interruption.

This was with RC3.

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