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Re: Need 48h to install

Am Mittwoch, 20. April 2005 14:52 schrieb Thiemo Seufer:
> > When debian-install arrives "Searching drives for an installer ISO image"
> > and "Scanning /dev/discs/disc1/disc 
> > (in ./)..." (at 11%) it takes a while and then the program is killed and
> > restarted. That's a nice infinite loop. Do you know a workaround?
> This could be an out-of-memory condition. Did you setup and enable
> swap before?

Your right. But I used nearly the hole disk as swap (over 2GB). This must be a 
bug because the process writes and writes and writes so that the swap is full 
after a (long) time.

Have a nice weekend
Christian Dávid

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