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Re: Need 48h to install

Il giorno lun, 18-04-2005 alle 19:09 +0200, Christian Dávid ha scritto:
> Hello,
> I am confused. In a very dark basement I found an old 233MHz Notebook from 
> Medion running Windows 98. Now I am installing Debian Sarge using the 
> debian-installer (I removed Windows, of course). Now it runs for 24h, and I 
> think it will need another day (At the moment the Debian base system is being 
> installed: 10% "fdutils").

Something might be wrong. Yesterday I tried RC3 on bochs (e pc emulator)
on a normal powerpc system. The emulated machine runs at around 9Mhz and
have 256Mb of RAM. The complete install took 9 hours.

Could you check your BIOS settings?


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