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Re: [l10n]Please fix graphs for Romanian

On 4/21/05, Dennis Stampfer <seppy@debian.org> wrote:
> Eddy,
> Well, not only ro is screwed up. Due to the gluck "shakearound", some
> files containing the past values were/are damaged. I restored ro for now,
> others will follow when I have the time to after the weekend. Well, it's
> time for a little clean-up there, too.

Maybe you got bored and needed some work to be done :D .
Joking aside, thanks for everything you've done (now and before).

> > All the other languages seem ok. (Is this your vengeful hand bubulle :-) ? )
> this time not, I think :))

That's just bubulle covering his tracks ;-) , they were ok back then,
and if you don't belive me I'll use the back-in-time-machine to prove


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