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Re: Trouble with automated install - preseeding hostname and domain fails.

On Torsdag den 21. april 2005 11:56, Thomas Alexander Frederiksen wrote:
> Most of the preseeding seems to work (partitioning, base config,
> etc.), but no matter what strings i throw at netcfg/get_hostname and
> netcfg/get_domain I end up being presented with thoses two questions
> anyway. I've even had a go at adding them to the kernel append-line,
> just to see what happened. Nothing has worked so far.

Okay, the solution turned out to be adding debconf/priority=critical to 
the append-line in pxelinux.cfg - now to trim that line down to less 
than 255 characters (with the current path to the preseed-file it's 

I really need to learn to read documentation better ;-)

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