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Trouble with automated install - preseeding hostname and domain fails.

I'm working on a fully automated install, using the preseeding examples 
in the sarge install guide as well as those found on 

Most of the preseeding seems to work (partitioning, base config, etc.), 
but no matter what strings i throw at netcfg/get_hostname and 
netcfg/get_domain I end up being presented with thoses two questions 
anyway. I've even had a go at adding them to the kernel append-line, 
just to see what happened. Nothing has worked so far.

I'm netbooting using PXE, and getting all files from a local mirror. The 
preseed-file is fetched via http.

I'm using installer-files picked up from an official mirror on the 18th 
of April (current). Any ideas as to what might be wrong?

Yours sincerely 
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