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Bug#303135: Fwd: Re: ata_piix installation/device detection problems on Dell server

Frans Pop wrote on 13/04/2005 22:37:
> Forwarding this mail for one of our kernel maintainers as I'm unsure if 
> you've seen it.
> Would you be able to compile a kernel with the attached patches and see if 
> that allows you to access the CD's (either without general ide module or 
> with that module loaded after the SATA module; not sure which)?

I am currently unable to test the patches against a standard debian
kernel since I need the tproxy patch from balabit on the given machine
at the moment. However, the first patch (0001-1.1938.134.1.patch) was
already applied against the kernel I tested and really seemed to help
with cdrom access. Not sure why though, since cdrom access was already
possible before but sometimes created read errors (silent ones) on large
transfers. With the patch installed, these seem to have vanished.

I was able to patch in the second patch (0001-1.1966.19.1.patch), but
the resulting kernel always ooopsed because the kernel modules seemed

So, unless I find a second machine to install our bridge/tproxy software
on, I actually don't have much of a chance to do further tests.

However, my results look interesting: The patch that I would expect to
fix the read errors doesn't work at all for me. The patch that shouldn't
change much on my system actually fixed the read errors. Weird.

If I am able to reproduce the problems on a second machine (or do
further tests on the machine I already have), I will report back.


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