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Bug#303135: Fwd: Re: ata_piix installation/device detection problems on Dell server

On Wed, Apr 13, 2005 at 11:34:28PM +0200, Sven Mueller wrote:
> Frans Pop schrieb:
> >Forwarding this mail for one of our kernel maintainers as I'm unsure if 
> >you've seen it.
> I didn't see it so far. Cc'ing me on my company account to make sure I 
> won't forget about it.
> >Would you be able to compile a kernel with the attached patches and see if 
> >that allows you to access the CD's (either without general ide module or 
> >with that module loaded after the SATA module; not sure which)?
> I will do so on Tuesday when I'm back in the office. If you really want 
> the test to happen earlier, please contact Holger Brueckner 
> (hb@ciphirelabs.com) or Andreas Jellinghaus (aj@ciphirelabs.com). They 
> might have a chance to help you earlier. Make sure to tell them that the 
> Dell server, the bridge mode gateway is the machine to test it on.

Sooner is better than later, but there is no particular urgency.


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