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Re: Need 48h to install

Am Montag, 18. April 2005 18:46 schrieb Thiemo Seufer:
> Christian Dávid wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I am confused. In a very dark basement I found an old 233MHz Notebook
> > from Medion running Windows 98. Now I am installing Debian Sarge using
> > the debian-installer (I removed Windows, of course). Now it runs for 24h,
> > and I think it will need another day (At the moment the Debian base
> > system is being installed: 10% "fdutils").
> Does it actually run at full speed? It sounds like it is in a low-speed
> powersaving mode, probably connected to some BIOS setting.

No, it is not all powersaving options are disabled.

Could it help if I set up some swap memory by my self? At each start there is 
the "Low memory"-warning and it tells me to set up swap memory as soon as 

Another thing I noticed is that the disk is the master and the CD-Rom I use to 
install is the slave of the primary IDE. Could this be a reason? 

I tried to install woody with the same problem.

Tanks for your time and a good evening (if you live at the same side of the 
Christian Dávid

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