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Re: Missing fat32 mount point from /etc/fstab

On Monday 18 April 2005 09:08, David Schmitt wrote:
> This leads me to think, whether d-i should try to support more than one
> set of default answers say "modern desktop", "traditional workstation"
> and "server". If these are split (primarily through proper defaults
> preseeding), the desktop install could hide even more questions while
> the server install could retain those questions that are requested
> without too much headache.

This could be something that could maybe be implemented when a graphical 
installer becomes available:
- make default for graphical installer a "modern desktop" install, with:
  - priority=high
  - DHCP default
  - localization-config active
  - clock=local timezone as default
- make type of install for graphical installations easily switchable early
  in the installation to alternative types, e.g. for server:
  - priority=medium (which means DHCP question will be asked)
  - localization-config optional
  - clock=UTC as default
- make non-graphical installs default to priority=medium


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