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Bug#305127: installation-reports: sarge on Dell Dimension 8400

CC'ing util-linux maintainer(s) to get his/her/their advice as
/etc/init.d/hwclock belong to this package.

This is about d-i "2nd stage" (after the reboot) failing on Dell
Dimension 8400 machines (a fairly common end user machine) as well as
some other systems, because of hwclock call.

Before I reassign part of this bug report to base-config and/or
util-linux, more input is needed, though.

> For the first one, follow the instruction of 
> http://craige.mcwhirter.com.au/blog/archive/2005/01/25/issues_installing_ubuntu_410_w#body
> You must edit the following files:
>   /etc/init.d/hwclock.sh
>   /etc/init.d/hwclockfirst.sh
>   /usr/sbin/tzsetup
> Add `--directisa' option to every occurence of `hwclock' command.

I wonder whether always adding this would harm. From the hwclock man
page, it should not:

              is meaningful only on  an  ISA  machine  or  an  Alpha
              (which  implements enough of ISA to be, roughly speak‐
              ing, an ISA  machine  for  hwclock’s  purposes).   For
              other  machines,  it has no effect.  This option tells
              hwclock to use explicit I/O instructions to access the
              Hardware Clock.  Without this option, hwclock will try
              to use the /dev/rtc device (which  it  assumes  to  be
              driven  by the rtc device driver).  If it is unable to
              open the device (for read), it will use  the  explicit
              I/O instructions anyway.

Something else not related (so, util-linux people, you can skip):

> For the second one, you have to remove tg3 driver from and install
> bcm5700 to the kernel.  Get the `bcm5700-source' package and install
> it.  Then reconfigure kernel to remove both `tg3.ko' and `eth1394.ko'
> modules.  Append `alias eth0=bcm5700' to the /etc/modutils/arch/i386
> and run update-modules and depmod.

Hmmm, this seems to imply that this driver is not available in the d-i
kernel package. I have no material nor competences to investigate
this, but this should be investigated, indeed.

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