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Please add a british task to tasksel

Package: tasksel
Severity: wishlist

(Bcc'ed to submit@b.d.o to create a new bug report)

> >Kostas, you maybe could already put what's needed in l-c for correct X
> >keyboard settings when the locale is en_GB : pc105 and not pc104....
> Ok, perhaps it could also install ISpell ibritish package instead of
> iamerican too? (If they are necessary that is, they seem to only be in 
> stable
> for some reason, ar they being phased out?.)
> wamerican seems to get installed as well unncessariliy, I did not select
> any American things at any point.
> Also kde-i18n-engb package, which was not installed even though i
> selected British English from the install.

This does not pertain to localization-config but rather to tasksel.

Well, I think that a "british" task could be suggested to

Currently, from "J."'s suggestion, this task would include:


Any other suggestion from our contributors from UK?

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