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Re: Default suite installed by D-I

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Well, feel free to send me to hell, but I still have problems to
> understand here. As far as I see, the mirror/suite choice in debconf
> is chosen among "stable", "testing" and "unstable" both in
> choose-mirror and, in 2nd stage by apt-setup from abse-config.
> We currently default it to "testing". So, what will happen when sarge
> will have been released ? The installer will continue pointing users
> to testing by default...and thus have them install etch....or is there
> some magic I'm missing here?

choose-mirror looks at dists/sarge/Release, takes the Suite value from
there and uses it to set mirror/suite. That value is currently "testing"
and will change to "stable" when sarge is released.

cdrom-detect uses a similar method.

see shy jo

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