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Bug#304248: install report - alpha 500au - first soft-reboot fails

(Steve, in case you missed that one)

Quoting Peter Vandenabeele (peter.vandenabeele@mind.be):

> * soft reboot fails. A consecutive power cycle worked fine.
>   (see below for more details). 

Well, given that a consecutive "hard" reboot worked, I don't know if
this can be easily reproduced and/or investigated. Steve, you're
tagged as "alpha wizard", among many other things....any thoughts?

> * this installation causes a different ordering of files in 
>   ls -al than what I am used to. I can set this to what I am used 
>   to with 
>     export LC_ALL="C" 
>   Has this changed compared to woody install ? After the sarge
>   install, the status is
>     LANG=en_US
>     LANGUAGE=en_US:en_GB:en

woody did not set up a default locale while sarge does. You've got the

Indeed, there's already a wishlist bug report about languagechooser
for being able to setup a C "locale". This will be post-sarge, though.

> * my /etc/apt/sources.list points standardly to "testing".
>   What will happen when sarge becomes "stable" ? Would it not 
>   be better to use "sarge" in /etc/apt/sources already now ?

design choice...:-). I guess that Joey Hess could better explain
why...but, indeed, I'm wondering similarly : when will we make
"stable" the default choice for the installer at the key places?

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