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Bug#304402: consider moving logs to /var/log/installer?

>   * The /var/log/debian-installer/ directory name is confusing to users
>     of Debian derivatives when they see it, and it's hard work for
>     derivatives to brand it if they choose to because it appears in
>     translated messages in the installer and in the manual. As long as
>     there's a concrete reason to reorganise stuff anyway, it seems
>     useful to make this one neutral. I realise not everyone shares my
>     priorities on this one, but it is something that I for one have had
>     to put a lot of essentially grunt work into, so I try to free up
>     time from that sort of thing to real development where I can. :-)

/var/log/installer thus seems to make more sense.

I don't share your views about this not being a priority for d-i
(taking care of derived distributions). From my own point of view,
this has always been part of D-I goals.

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