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Bug#304402: consider moving logs to /var/log/installer?

Package: debian-installer,base-config
Severity: wishlist

<markos_> joeyh, fjp: i'm implementing logging for l-c, is it ok to use
          /var/log/debian-installer/localization-config.log as logfile?
<fjp> markos_: I'm unsure about that. /var/log/d-i currently contains
      only stuff that happens in 1st stage. Base-config also writes a
      log in /var/log directly. I think it would be better to follow
<fjp> Maybe a separate subdir should be created for 2nd stage
      installation that would have both base-config's log and l-c's log.
<fjp> That's something to keep in mind for post Sarge.
<Kamion> can we just do /var/log/installer/ ?
<Kamion> and put *everything* in there?
<markos_> Kamion: i'm ok with that
<markos_> i'd probably also just create the dir if it doesn't exist....
<fjp> Kamion: :-D Having your Ubuntu hat on.
<fjp> Kamion: I agree though. Care to file a wishlist bug?
<Kamion> fjp: (I won't deny that it would get rid of one of my Ubuntu
         diffs), but considering installer as debian-installer +
         base-config as presented to users seems IMHO useful


  * The distinction between debian-installer and base-config is useful
    to us, but end users really consider the two as one unit (and we
    document them both in the same manual, etc.). As such, it makes
    sense to structure their logs, and the logs of auxiliary programs
    such as localization-config, all in the same place; but, given the
    developer distinction, putting base-config logs in
    /var/log/debian-installer/ would be weird.

  * The /var/log/debian-installer/ directory name is confusing to users
    of Debian derivatives when they see it, and it's hard work for
    derivatives to brand it if they choose to because it appears in
    translated messages in the installer and in the manual. As long as
    there's a concrete reason to reorganise stuff anyway, it seems
    useful to make this one neutral. I realise not everyone shares my
    priorities on this one, but it is something that I for one have had
    to put a lot of essentially grunt work into, so I try to free up
    time from that sort of thing to real development where I can. :-)


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@debian.org]

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