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Re: Updates about the development of a gtk frontend for the debian-installer

On Thu, Apr 07, 2005 at 12:51:29AM +0000, attilio wrote:
> i've worked a lot on the gtk frontend in the last days and now it's 
> starting to work correctly (it no longer crashes and back and fw 
> mechanism works correctly); by the way i've also modified the "help" 
> mechanism: now descriptions about commands are shown in a text_view 
> widget in the bottom part of the screen.

Please send a patch for this if it's stable. Note that multiple widgets
can be shown at once; are you displaying help only on mouseover, or
something like that?

> I'm now working on the progress bar: while tracking down the order of 
> the calls to gtk_progres_*()( those made by netconfig when the dhcp 
> client runs ) i've noticed two strange things:
> - gtk_progress_set() is called before gtk_progress_start()

Unless I'm much mistaken, this can only happen if the debconf *client*
(i.e. netcfg) calls "PROGRESS SET" before "PROGRESS START". I don't see
any code that could do that, though.

> - the "max" value passed to gtk_progress_start() is -1073743944

Looks like a type mismatch maybe, but everything seems to be plain 'int'
as it should be. Try running with DEBCONF_DEBUG=5 to trace the debconf


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@debian.org]

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