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Re: [Patch] Typo corrections

On Monday 04 April 2005 08:20, Jens Seidel wrote:
> the attached patch fixes a lot of typos such as s/can not/cannot/,
> s/seperate/separate/ in documentation and partly in code comments.

I am not very happy with the patch in that it includes very different 
types of corrections, often coordinated by different people.

It would have been better to prepare separate patches for:
- changelog corrections
- script corrections
- corrections in code in ./packages/...
- corrections for the manual (also split between original version and
  and individual translations)
- corrections for other documentation
- corrections in translations for packages
- corrections in translations for the manual

Corrections in translations should be sent to the translation team 
responsible for that language, not to the list.

I have processed all documentation related corrections as follows.

> +++ installer/doc/devel/historic/docbook/kernel-policy.html
> +++ installer/doc/devel/historic/docbook/kernel-policy.xml
Fixed typo in xml document and regenerated html document.
> +++ installer/doc/devel/historic/hardware-detection.txt
Hmm. I wonder why I did those as these documents are in the "historic" 
directory which means they are not current and actively used anyway...

> +++ installer/doc/talks/d-i_internals/d-i_internals.tex

> +++ installer/doc/manual/da/preparing/pre-install-bios-setup.xml
> +++ installer/doc/manual/eu/preparing/pre-install-bios-setup.xml
> +++ installer/doc/manual/it/preparing/pre-install-bios-setup.xml
Not processed as it is the responsibility of translators to keep 
untranslated documents in sync with the English original.
I am most unhappy with these patches as they had been submitted before and 
I also rejected them then with the same argument.

> +++ installer/doc/manual/de/install-methods/usb-setup/i386.xml
> +++ installer/doc/manual/de/install-methods/usb-setup/powerpc.xml
> +++ installer/doc/manual/de/partitioning/partition/alpha.xml
> +++ installer/doc/manual/de/boot-installer/m68k.xml
Forwarded to the d-l10n-german list for review. They will have to decide 
for themselves if they want to commit the changes.

> +++ installer/doc/manual/en/appendix/example-preseed.xml
> +++ installer/doc/manual/en/boot-installer/i386.xml
Not committed as I am unsure if the patch is correct.

The corrections have been made only in trunk as none of them is important 
enough for the Sarge branch.

In future I am likely to ignore such "blanket" patches (even though I do 
appreciate the effort).


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