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(forw) Installation Debian Raid1

(This mail was sent to -l10n-french. -boot contributors, please keep
the CC address to answers. I can't answer myself as I'm not a good
specialist of RAID installs. This sounds like a usability issue)

Robert, tell us if you're OK with English answers. If you aren't, I'll
make my best to translate the answers.

My translation of Robert's message comes after it

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Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 23:31:37 +0200
From: Robert Lainé <robert.laine@sailcut.com>
To: debian-l10n-french@lists.debian.org
Subject: Installation Debian Raid1
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j'ai pris la derniere version Sage avec installer RC3 et j'essaye de
l'installer en RAID1 sur une machine Intel avec bien sur 2 disques de
123MB. Dans la séquence de l'installer (qui marche bien) Au moment de
formater les disques il y a l'option RAID mais si je vais directement
dessus ca me dit qu'il n'y a pas de disque marqué en Raid. J'ai donc
formaté le deuxieme disque comme le premier (option bureautique) et
déclaré la partition 1 bootable Raid, la deuxieme en swap et la
troisieme en Raid mais ensuite l'option Raid n'est pas réapparue.

Ou ai je perdu le fil ??


I downloaded laste Sarge version with the RC3 installer and I tried
to install it as RAID1 on an Intel box with of course two 123MB disks.

In the installer (which works well part from that), I see a RAID
option when time comes to format disks, but choosing it triggers a
message stating there is no disk marked as "RAID".

Then, I formatted (Translator's note: I guess the bug submitter means
"partition" here) the second disque similarly to the partitionning
scheme of the first one (guided partitioning with "desktop system"
option) and I declared its first partition as "RAID" and bootable, the
second one "swap" and the third as "RAID".

However, the RAID option did not appear again.

Where did I lost the track?

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