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Re: patch on DHCP server setup

On Tuesday 29 March 2005 19:19, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> > It is my understanding that it is too late for renaming the ISC DHCP
> > packages. After Sarge we can think about what makes sense. A long
> > time ago I asked and was told that the DHCP v3 client was too big for
> > the installer. This was a long time ago and things might have changed
> > with d-i.
> >
> > Cc'ing co-maintainers Matt Zimmerman and Andrew Pollock for
> > additional input.
> That's what I remember as well.  If not for the request that we keep
> the smaller dhcp v2 client, we would likely have updated dhcp to v3 and
> removed dhcp3 some time ago.

IMO this means that the text currently in the manual (documenting 
dhcp-server but with a note that dhcp3-server is recommended) can stay 
unchanged for Sarge.

We will probably have to make a decision one way or another about using 
dhcp3-client (or maybe getting a stripped version) for d-i for Etch.


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