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Re: patch on DHCP server setup

Package: package debian-installer-manual
Severity: wishlist

On Fri, Mar 18, 2005 at 11:29:14PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> Hi Geert,

Hello debian-boot mailinglist,
Hello Bug Tracking System users,

> On Friday 18 March 2005 23:06, Geert Stappers wrote:
> > Attached you find a patch on the manual.
> > It is due evolution of the dhcp server.
> >
> > Is it to okay to commit into trunk of the d-i SVN tree?
> Have you actually checked that _all_ configuration examples (also those 
> for tftp booting) that refer to dhcp are also valid for dhcp3?

That would mean there are several places in the _installer_ manual
how to set up a DHCP _server_ ?

> This is what has kept me back from making the change sooner.

This wishlist bug is to request a harmonisation to 1 single example
of the setup a DHCP server.

> Also AFAIK the dhcp package is not yet completely obsoleted. However, as 
> Woody also contains dhcp3-server, I think this change in principle would 
> be alright.

The "original" patch is commited.

There aren't changes in syntax / semantics in the examples d-i-m use.
(and DHCP server setup still will need site specific stuff)

> Cheers,
> Frans
> (P.S. I think it would be best to file all proposed patches as wishlist 
> bugs instead of just sending them to the list. This to make sure they 
> don't get lost. For the manual this is package debian-installer-manual.)

I see the importance of avoiding contributions getting lost.
I prefer "to talk" to people. Talking to "BTS" is some what strange to

Geert Stappers

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