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Bug#301478: [sparc][rc3][netinst] installation fails on u1/140

A bit more digging on the gentoo lists reveals this:

   The problem is basically related to the recoding of isofs starting at
   silo 1.3.0, it seems some kit (newer specially) doesn't like the new
   iso first. This affects up to the latest silo 1.4.8 (latest at the time
   i'm writing this). Using silo 1.4.8 doesn't cause problems for regular
   (i.e. hard disk) boot AFAIK, at least if you don't use an initrd and/or
   iso filesystem.

posted 2004.11.15.
However I tried this release and still have the same problems, see
my previous message.

David S. Miller says there is an issue around the kernel size -
it needs to be less than 4Mbyte ?

A bit more googling turned up these (in relation to solaris booting) -
These messages suggests the problem is the architecture that SILO is built

Don't forget that the CPUs in these old (<200MHz) boxes have some errors
in them which prevent them from working perfectly in 64-bit mode. In
32-bit mode they are fine however.

Where is SILO built for sarge - on what specific sparc platform?


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